BSDS Guidelines

Mohs Surgery

Setting Standards for Mohs Micrographic Surgery Services (MMS)

The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) and the British Society for Dermatological Surgery (BSDS) recognise the need for a National set of framework guidelines for the setting up and management of an MMS service. A working party of BSDS members with expertise in MMS have developed a set of recommendations which has been endorsed by the BAD and constitutes a consesus statement for the BAD and BSDS on minimum standards of MMS provision in the UK.

BAD and BSDS Mohs Standards Document

Mohs Surgery Minimum Data Set

Dr Colin Fleming, Co-opted Interface Representative for the BSDS, has devised a Mohs Surgery Minimum Data Set which seeks to put into place a basic measurement of care which can be used for individual departmental audit and comparison amongst centres.

Mohs Surgery Data Capture Sheet (V2 February 2013)  
Mohs Surgery Data Capture Sheet guidance notes


Safe Surgical Practice Guidance

BSDS Guidance on Implanted Cardiac Devices in Skin Surgery

BSDS BHRS Guidance on Implanted Cardiac Devices Skin Surgery, July 2017
BSDS BHRS Implanted Cardiac Devices Skin Surgery Flowchart, July 2017 (amended Oct 2017)

(A. Bray, G. Davies, B. Wright). With many thanks to British Heart Rhythm Society (BHRS)

BSDS Guidance on Antithrombotics and Skin Surgery

The BSDS have produced guidance on bleeding risk and skin surgery: anticoagulants, antiplatelets and other agents. 

BSDS Guidance on Antithrombotics and Skin Surgery, August 2016
BSDS Antithrombotics and Skin Surgery Flowchart, August 2016 

BSDS Position Statement on Surgical Procedure Rooms

The BSDS has produced a position statement with effect from May 2016, outlining the evidence for a safe working environment within the outpatient or office based setting.

Infection Control Position Statement
Infection Statement Evidence

BSDS Surgical Check List

The BSDS has produced a checklist to provide professionals with guidance on which checks need to be completed before and after a dermatological surgical procedure.

Checklist V1 , January 2012 


DFSP Postion Statement

The BSDS has produced a position statement with effect from December 2011 regarding the management of Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans (DFSP).

DFSP position statement 


Skin Cancer Published Guidelines

Cutaneous Lymphoma

UK Cutaneous Lymphoma guidelines - management of Primary Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma

SJ Whittaker, JR Marsden, M Spittle OBE , R Russell- Jones. (2006)


Revised U.K. guidelines for the management of cutaneous melanoma

JR Marsden, J Newton-Bishop, L Burrows, M Cook, PG Corrie, NH Cox, ME Gore,  P Lorigan, R MacKie, P Nathan, H Peach,  B Powell,  C Walker. (2010)

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Multiprofessional Guidelines for the Management of Primary Cutaneous SCC 2002

R Motley, P Kersey, C Lawrence (2002)

Multiprofessional Guidelines for the Management of Primary Cutaneous SCC (2009 updated)

R J Motley, P W Preston, C M Lawrence (2009)

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Guidelines for the Management of Basal Cell Carcinoma

NR Telfer, GB Colver, PW Bowers 2008.



Pre-cancerous lesion - published guidelines

Actinic Keratoses

Guidelines for the management of Actinic Keratoses
D de Berker, JM McGregor, MF Mohd Mustapa, LS Exton, and BR Hughes. (2017)

Bowen’s Disease

Guidelines for Management of Bowen's Disease
CA Morton, AJ Birnie and DJ Eedy. (2014)